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With over 8 years of experience in architecture and experience design, Ben is a seasoned designer who leverages a variety of design disciplines to elevate user experiences. He excels in bringing conceptual designs for experiential spaces to life, and uses generative programming tools to continuously evolve and innovate the design process. Ben’s passion for technology and design drives him to explore new ways to push the boundaries of design and make it more accessible. Ben is continuously enhancing his design and technology skills through projects which focus on design competitions, architecture, evolutionary algorithms, and AI research.

How can I share a design process with many people at once?

Blog Post - Using AI to Share Design Processes

How Can We Learn What Challenges Connect With Visitors?

Upswell Exhibit Project - The Future Of Forests (External Link)

How Can Showing The Museum's Process Help The Visitor Experience History?

Upswell Exhibit Project - Our Unfinished Past: The Oregon Historical Society at 125 (External Link)

Can I model through a conversation?

Blog Post - Making 3d Models with ChatGPT

How can a utility plant become a place for people to gather?

Completed architecture Project - Utility Plant

How can you experience a landscape with minimal impact?

architecture Competition Project - Nature School

How can I think about problems through multiple perspectives?

Blog Post  - Generating User Personas For Design Projects

Can a structure benefit the environment?

architecture Competition Project - Aglae Oil Pavilion

How does light color affect a user's experience?

architecture Competition Project - Oslo Cultural Museum

Can AI Enhance Accessibility?

Blog Post - ChatGPT for Blind Navigation

How can a building grow over generations?

architecture Competition Project - Tree House

How can technology activate a dead street?

architecture Competition Project- Portal Panels

How Can I Better Reflect On My Thoughts?

Blog Post - How Journaling with AI Can Enhance Your Thinking Process

How can technology spark serendipitous conversations?

architecture Competition Project- world bridge

What if a bridge was only there when you needed it?

architecture Competition Project- drone bridge

Is There A Faster Way To Critique My Work?

Blog Post - RedlineGPT - Architectural Drawing Reviews with AI

How can a structure encourage play?

architecture Competition Project- Fort Snowball

How can upper floor shops activate the street?

architecture Competition Project- Mall Facade Renovation

How Can I Avoid The Typical Construction Administration Process?

Blog Post - Streamlining Architectural Submittals with AI

How can a structure connect a neighborhood?

architecture School Project- La Rampla Office Building

How does the shape of a room shape the user experience?

architecture School Project- Boxes of Experience

Can I Do Architecture Through A Conversation?

Blog Post - Generating Building Layouts With ChatGPT

How can a home be fused to the forest?

Completed archtiecture project - forest house

How can the room choose the user?

architecture Competition Project- Art Castle Museum

How Can The Same Townhouse Layout Support A Variety Of Users?

Blog Post - Building Transformative Townhouses that Enrich Urban Communities

How can forest fires be spotted sooner?

architecture Competition Project- forest fire watch tower

How could a library have the perfect reading space for everyone?

architecture School Project - Library